Shaelea Bayley’s modesty wouldn’t allow her to be acknowledged as one but she has always been a super mum. She had been a stay at home mum and carer for her young son, Jackson while he was receiving chemotherapy treatment for a rare blood disorder, Langerhans cell histiocytosis, but Shae used the time at home to plan a little business to start once Jackson got better. The Token Gift Company was born to complement her love for gift giving. Shae talks to us about bringing fresh perspectives and meaning to baby gift hampers.

Traditionally, most people only think about the immediate effects when shopping for items to gift to the parents of a newborn. Often these would be clothes, nappies or wipes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with gifting these items. After all, they are so practical and useful. But Shae’s goal is to make people turn their minds to items that have heirloom quality and she wants to take the stress out of people who are shopping for such items by having them all put together in one gorgeous hamper. “Gift hampers don’t have to be just about the first weeks of a newborn’s life but fill it with gifts that leave lasting memories that you and your family will cherish forever.”, says Shae.

“I love gift giving and I always knew I could bring a fresh perspective on gift giving. When it comes to baby gift hampers I felt that yes, nappies and wipes are handy but when you’re done with those what’s left? That’s why I like to create gift hampers that include items that are special but also have practicality. Imagine receiving a heartfelt gift hamper from your mum or Aunty that includes a beautiful story book that you can read to your child, or a cute rattle that your baby knows is from his poppy.”

The Token Gift Company specialises in all kinds of gift hampers but we were super interested in their delectable baby hampers which were not only unique but very thoughtfully put together. Shae is very particular about what items go into the hamper and she spends considerable time sourcing for the items – most of them are handmade locally in Western Australia.

“I put a lot of thought and effort into each gift hamper I create, from sourcing the products, right down to what colour ribbon goes on the gift box, whether it is a ready- made gift hamper on my online store or a custom order. I won’t put just anything into a gift hamper, it has to make sense or have meaning. Which is why I love supporting local businesses as they always have something new or unique that customers may not have seen before.”

When asked about where she gets her inspiration to create all these gorgeous hampers, Shae excitedly exclaims that the family trips to the local Donnybrook and South West markets were top on the list. “I would see all these amazing products and produce that people had created so I would chat to the owners about including their items in my gift hampers so it is was a win/win situation, two businesses helping each other which is lovely! Also just driving around the South West gives you inspiration, as there are many wonderful businesses that are creating products worth supporting, from honey, to natural soap, to coffee, whisky and wines.”

Sourcing for practical items with heirloom quality is no simple task but as a mother, Shae says it all boils down to gut instinct and knowing what works. “I follow my gut instinct and I definitely wanted to offer books as one of the items, among other keepsakes. Books are important and I feel that it’s never too early to start reading to your child so I include Mem Fox’s Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, picture books by Helen Oxenbury, and Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney; they are beautiful books that can be kept forever.”

“Muslin wraps are another key item that I include in the baby gift hampers, they are so useful and I personally found them versatile when I had my son. They are great for swaddling, laying out as a mat, or wiping up spills- a definite must have item for any new mum.”

“A little bit of pampering doesn’t go astray either, so I include Corrynne’s Natural Soaps for mum and bub. These soaps are hand made in Dunsborough, W.A and are free from chemicals. Little luxuries like these can make a new mum feel refreshed.”

As a parent, Shae knows all too well that when a baby is born, there is alot of attention given to the babies but people often tend to forget that it may be nice to pamper the parents too. Apart from baby hampers, Shae customises special ‘parent hampers’ too with some gorgeous gifts to treat the parents.

“There are no rules when it comes to baby gift hampers, you might want to spoil the new mum and dad too so I have parent hampers that include delish mini melting moments by Australian made and owned Charlie’s Cookies and The Bikki Baker biscuit range made here in Western Australia or one way to really spoil a new mum is with the Peace & Quiet gift hamper which includes Sally’s Lane non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, Tinderbox Natural Lavender Spritz, melt in your mouth Hazelnut Cream biscuits by The Bikki Baker, Gabriel Chocolate, the only bean to bar chocolate in the South West, Bettenay’s Nougat, soy candles and so much more – all made in W.A.

Free shipping is offered Australia wide for all of Shae’s hampers but to keep the experience personal, where possible, Shae delivers her hampers personally to local areas. “It is always exciting to deliver locally. I get to see the surprise on the gift recipient’s face, I feel blessed to be a part of other people’s special occasions so to get to see their happy faces is lovely. I have personally delivered to everyone from corporate offices to mums and dads and seen the appreciation of the workers receiving a well done or Christmas gift hamper from the boss, to new parents receiving a congratulations from friends, family or co-workers on their new baby, and even a beautiful big gift from one best friend to another who just had a double mastectomy. There is really no occasion that a gift hamper can’t be given.”

“Plus I love that my son can learn from me that if you set your mind to something and work hard then you can achieve anything plus he is my little helper too.”

You can shop for Shae’s beautiful hampers on her online store at