Baby Peppers is proud to be the only Australian store to stock Kateson, an American brand that has redefined the concept of pure ‘organics’ for babywear. Kateson garments are hand-dyed in ayurvedic botanicals to produce the colour on the organic cotton fabrics, and the buttons on the garments are made from coconut husks. This means zero chemicals or synthetic dyes during the entire fabrication process and the dye water waste is used to nourish the surrounding land. We have never come across this level of purity for any infant wear. When we heard about the process and story behind Kateson from founder Tanya Thomas-Thorpe, we thought we needed a piece of that in our store!

Kateson garments come in four different styles but at the moment, we’re only stocking one style to test the Australian market. If you’d like to see the other styles and are keen for us to stock them, please visit www.kateson.com for a browse!

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