Protection And Care For Our Sustainable Wooden Toys

Good quality wooden toys can stand the test of time and often said to be heirloom quality if they are cared for and protected well. With a bit of love and care, our sustainable wooden toys can be passed down between generations.

Sharp blows
Although wood is a more durable resource than plastic, improper and rough handling of the toys can lead to damage. Sharp blows or throwing the toys about may cause parts to be broken off. Furthermore, the natural resin or lac that is applied to all our toys as a thin surface coating gloss is a brittle material. Sharp blows and impact against hard surfaces can result in the gloss chipping off from the surface.

Alcohol or spirits
The natural resin or lac applied to the toys as the surface coating dissolves in all types of alcohol and spirits. If the toys come into contact with alcohol or spirits, the gloss will be worn off causing the toys to lose their shine.

Temperature changes
Our sustainable wooden toys are made to be played with indoors and should not be exposed to very high or cold temperatures. Direct exposure to sun light for long periods of time can cause the toys to lose their shine and become faded.

Generally, wooden toys should be stored away when not being played with. This is where our handy customised cotton drawstring bags come in use. Store the toys away in our bags and keep them in a dry, dark place away from sunlight.

Our toys can be gently cleaned with a damp cloth. Once cleaned, moisture should be wiped off with a dry cloth and items should be allowed to dry completely before use. Wooden toys should never be soaked in water as this can cause swelling and the gloss to be peeled off the surface.

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