Channelling her grievance and mourning into something sustainable and meaningful, Taylyn Mark turned to making quality handmade products after her mother’s passing. We catch up with Taylyn on the simplicity of toys and how they stimulate creative play.

“I started my business Tretaytah Tot Designs with simple products as a way to stay busy after my mum passed away from lung cancer. Children’s play toys don’t have to be complex – they just need to grow with the child and as you know, a child could take anything and turn that into a toy.”

During open-ended play time where kids engage in creative play, they are not only stimulating their imagination but also developing their social and emotional development. As such, Taylyn believes that toys must have a simple concept yet be versatile enough to meet the child’s intellectual needs.

Taylyn initially started her business with hairbows designed and made her own way but she recently added a new product of fabric playhouses to her list of products as a tribute to her mother.

“My hairbows were inspired by my two daughters but the houses were truly inspired by my wish to make something my mum would be proud of me for. She was a very creative and talented woman.”

Staying true to her brand ethos to inspire a child’s creativity and imagination, Taylyn says that her fabric playhouses have a been a big hit and she hopes they would sell well Australia wide.

“I believe the key to making good sales is to keep your prices reasonable but also keep each creation unique. I really hope to be able to have my houses sold Australia wide so kids everywhere can be inspired with creative play instead of the need for constant screen time on the tele.” 

Regardless of her own struggles and the loss of her mum, Taylyn has a positive outlook on life at least for the sake of her family, especially her two daughters.

“No matter how hard things may get, never give up. You truly don’t know what you are capable of if you don’t try. As corny as it sounds, it really is true.” 

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