When we tagged along with a friend to get her hair and make up done for a pre wedding shoot, we got the privilege of meeting with the owner of the salon, Heidi McGrath who is not only a new mum to a gorgeous baby girl, Macy but also recently became an independent consultant for Swiss brand, Arbonne. When  we found out that the Arbonne range she was promoting included yummalicious baby care products, we thought that this was a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with Heidi on the challenge she took up on just after a few weeks of giving birth and how she manages her time between family and work runs. 

While pregnant with her first child, Heidi was on the constant lookout for botanical skincare products to use on herself and also keep an eye out for ones that were suitable for newborns. However, finding suitable products that had components derived mostly from plants was a challenge until Heidi chanced upon Arbonne, whose brand ethos is completely based on botanical principles “I was looking for botanical products to use while pregnant and for my baby which firstly drew me to Arbonne,” says Heidi. But Heidi was quick to add that what was more attractive than the products was the business opportunity of being able to not only use the products on herself and her baby but also spread the good word about such an eco-friendly product.  “The business opportunity was what that really motivated me to spread the word; the combination of being able to use products that are free of nasty chemicals and educate others to do the same. Our skin is our biggest organ and a lot of people don’t really think about what they put on it. Parents are usually more concerned about what they apply on their babies’ delicate skin but it is equally important to know what we are applying on ourselves as our babies are constantly in contact with our skin.”

The Arbonne baby care range stands out from the other standard run of the mill ranges as the set includes a sunscreen lotion together with hair and body wash, body lotion with olive oil as a base, and a diaper rash cream.

When questioned about how she manages her time effectively, Heidi was quick to whip out her baby monitor to show that her baby was sound asleep in one of the rooms in her salon. “The bonus is that I can run my business around the needs of my baby. I bring in Macy with me whenever I need to come into work for a few hours. I’m not only lucky in having such an awesome team in the salon but I also get to work from home with a team of super supportive women at the Arbonne front,” says Heidi.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about the Arbonne business or products, please contact Heidi on 0431345255 or on her Facebook page – Heidi McGrath Arbonne Independent Consultant.