Why your happiness should be SUPER important to you

October 20, 2017

Guest post by Zanny Davis 

I am truly saddened when I see or hear of women especially my clients being depressed, unhappy and believing that they can’t do certain things in their lives.
 It honestly breaks my heart, because I know for a fact that they can be happy and truly fulfilled if they really wanted to.

My job constantly makes me think about why we don’t do the things that we need to do to make ourselves happy.
 The fears, the doubts , the insecurities that we allow to keep us hostage and sabotage our wellbeing and lives in general.

The lies that we allow ourselves to believe and to internalise just because we either don’t know better or we don’t think we deserve to have a better life.

I believe that we are often brain washed by our families, our friends and the society in general into believing what we can and cannot have in our lives. Unfortunately, people whom we love can actually create a harmful mindset that dictates our whole lives. This is the same life that we only have one chance and one shot at but often we allow others to influence and make decisions on it for us.

I know it can be hard, I have been there. Hard to break free from the thoughts and beliefs that have been implanted into our psyche from day one. The same thoughts that make us believe that certain things are for us and other things are for others. The thoughts that make us believe that we can never be more than our parents or that we can never be as good as someone else. Those thoughts that corner us into settling for a life that others have created for us – a life that teaches you to be content with what you have and prevents you from aspiring for more.

We have to be strong, courageous and not be discouraged. We have to dig deep and be committed every single day to making changes in our lives. To go in the direction that we want and feel fully capable of doing those things by getting the help that we need, the tutoring, the know how, to get to the destination that we want to get.

Today, I want you reading this to think about your own happiness, I want you to put it in front of everything else just for this moment. I want you to visualize what that happiness is for you. Is it that you want to experience life to the fullest? To feel empowered to go after your dreams? To be confident and explore the world that was created for your enjoyment?
 If that is what defines your happiness, now is the time to actively do something about it. 

Maybe it is laziness, or maybe it is just too hard to be happy. Why should you have to work towards being happy? We should just be happy if we are meant to be happy!

We never really stop to think about the people who are really happy. How they actually go out and create their happiness. How they had to retrain their minds to focus on that happiness and work on that happiness. We never realize that to truly live a fulfilled life and to do the things that we are destined to do, we actually have to actively seek out those things and work on them every single day. Seek help from friends and family members who have a similar mindset to where you want to go. So that you would be surrounded by positive and encouraging people rather than negative discouraging ones, because this can definitely interfere with your growth and mindset.

Travel life coaches like myself who offer support and guidance are not only proficient in travel planning and budgeting but more importantly they can empower you and encourage you to be confident in yourself to be able to create the life that you want for yourself and your family.

Now is the time to stop being afraid and step out of your comfort zone. No more procrastinating and deferring. You deserve this lovely because you are beautiful and an amazing person who makes life better for everyone else around you, now it’s your time to truly live.

Zanny is a travel and life coach empowering women on a daily basis to live life to the fullest using her signature 4 step programme. You can read more about Zanny and her amazing services on zanurtravel.com

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