Kalamkari patchwork pouch


A great handy pouch for holding all your essentials with a bohemian flair!

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Our patchwork Kalamkari pouches are truly one of a kind. Stitched with 100{5179fdacbfe29016f900bfe2dcfcbfb2eab94a1d74da343bb56f49e773efcdda} cotton fabrics dyed in pure vegetable dyes and a waterproof pvc lining, this pouch is so handy for holding lotions, cotton swabs and a host of other things all while adding a bohemian flair!

Please note that while every one of the pouch has had the same fabrics used, each pouch will be unique in terms of fabric placement as it is a patchwork piece. The product you purchase will vary slightly from the picture.

Dimensions: 18cm x 8cm x 8cm


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