Our Story

Our son, KieranBaby Peppers, like most novelty stores, was born out of a personal need. The need to satisfy nostalgia – a longing to bring back handmade vintage craft and revive centuries old artforms and the need to amplify slow fashion. By slow, we mean really slow. Such as hand block printing which could take days to weeks just to print one six metre running fabric depending on the intricacy of the design, weaving baskets which could take anywhere from four to ten hours depending on the size, and making organic vegetable dyes for wooden toys and fabrics.

Uninspired by generic designs in the market and products with questionable manufacturing practices, we knew we had to bring our vision to life. Being of Indian descent, we had a natural affinity to source for the softest Indian fabrics and vintage handmade products that we were so used to as children. Coupled with our brand vision, the birth of our son inspired us to create our own online space – an avenue to showcase some of India’s finest fair trade artistry plus find ways to give back to small business communities in Australia and India.

We have built some excellent relationships with small businesses across Australia and will be doing a blog feature on them plus collaborations down the track. The products we carry and stock are not manufactured in sweatshops but crafted in small working studios, providing the artisans with fair wages and a positive impact to their families and broader community.

– Nathan & Gaayathri