Sharing the Journey

We traverse all cultures and tribes from a country that speaks 780 languages to bring you an eclectic showcase of handmade baby products. Each product starts out as a blank canvas for every artisan to imprint their personality and story. From the wooden block carver, to the hand block printers, to the hand-quilters, to the toymakers, to the basket weavers, there is an interwoven tale and narrative to be told through our collections. For every product you buy, you’re not only helping to preserve age-old art art forms and a sustainable livelihood for these artisans but a piece of their story also goes back home with you.

Being strong believers of sustainable global trade and the socially conscious movement, we work closely with our fair trade artisan groups in Chennai, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur to produce something bespoke for your little ones. We hope you will partake with us in this journey of ethical consumerism, sustainability and vintage craft and share your story with us too.

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